What an incredible couple of days! The PWA competition has been completed in nearly two days in epic conditions putting Sal firmly on the map for windsurfing. Serious waves hit Ponta Preta on Friday morning producing world class conditions and some spectacular arials. By the end of the day the singular eliminitaion was finished culminating in a four man final: Nik Baker (4th), Kevin Pritchard (3rd), Josh Angulo (2nd) and Kauli Seadi (1st). Standout arials and wave selection from Pritchard and Angulo but Seadi excelled with almost double the number of bottom turns and exceptionally sensitive critical wave riding.

Saturday started with the same 30 knot winds but a more Westerly swell and waves running all the way down to the point. Angulo stood out all day backdooring wide sections and launching his trademark arials. Polakow looked to be struggling on small boards and Pritchard failed to produce the goods against Angulo leaving the final to Angulo and Seadi. Seadi struggled with too small a sail and got closed out by a mast and a half set. One beautiful ride wasn\'t enough, but favourite from the previous day, Seadi had one more chance against Angulo.

In the final final Seadi had two awesome waves, producing ariels and one massive floater. Angulo\'s formulaic arials continued unabated however, and he looked unstoppable as Seadi, once again, got caught inside breaking his mast.

The competition ended with a very close split in scores and opinions (four judges vs three) and Angulo became the champion of the first leg of the PWA World Championships 2007. Cape Verde is one very happy nation tonight!!!


Photo Credit: PWA/Carter