The Asian Windsurfing Tour (AWT) has been one the most succesful racing tours over the last years. It sprang to popularity when there was a lack of racing on the PWA circuit and so it could attract all the top names looking for somewhere to grind their axe. The Ulsan leg has now got PWA status, now that racing is firmly back on the PWA agenda. With warm waters, strong winds and big crowds expect to see some fast and furious action from both the men and women. Last year Anders Bringdal showed he could still mix it with the best, (or indeed was still the best)! This year, the whole racing fleet will be there.

If you want to see action from last years event, then look no further than our DVD, THE ANNUAL 2007, which shows the best of the amazing action.

The dates for the PWA ULSAN Tour in South Korea run from the 5th - 12th May.

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Photo Credit: AWT