Naish Sails, still the fastest sails on the planet with the record of 48.70 knots held down by the giant of Finian Maynard resume their party or much speedyness at Leucate in France over the 5 - 9 April 2007, if you want to compare your speeds with the fastest sailors in the world then load up and get your gps down there. Speaking of GPS sailing, also on Naish Sails and Boards was Martin Van Meurs who set the fastest speed ever by a windsurfer to be recorded on GPS. He did this on the UK\'s well known speed strip of West Kirby. The UK has been hit with storm after storm making in a speed sailors paradise. Martin recorded 49.20 knots on a Naish Speed Pro and Stealth sail. He is a big chap, but needed to be to hold his kit down in gusts way over 60mph.

Photo Credit: naish