Grand Prix Petit Navire will happen this year in Douarnenez ! (Brittany, France). It is a huge event and party on the water for boats & kitesurf ! For the kitesurfers, it’s a big speed crossing event. It also makes up part of the French Championships, but is THE FIRST EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP!! The championships is designed to be fun and encourages any rider capable of staying upwind and riding along to enter. Last year, 60 riders were there and for 2007, we limited the inscritpions at 100. There is a prize purse of 12000 euro\'s, a lottery care of Cabrinha, fiesta every night and some surprise… It’s a really cool event, where the main word is : having fun ! Hurry up if you want to be part of the party ! It’s from 5 to 8 of may and you must register online by the 15th of April. Visit! Come on join is and have a great time!!!

Photo Credit: Grand Prix Petit Navire