The super stretchy soft soled gripped footwear is back in the UK and on the streets. Well hopefully not the streets, because that would be wierd, although I did once see some Japenese students wearing them on Regents thinking they were well trendy, but that is another completely irrelevant story.

Just in time for the end of winter Seasprite Sports are adding this premium range of windsurfing footwear to their warehouse. From the full winter heavy duty split toe to lighter shoes the range has got the appeal.

ATAN actually stands for Applications Techniques Ard├Ęche Nord. Originally a company that used liquid latex to mould many applications that needed a soft, flexible rubber product (no not what you were thinking) they turned their technology to the footwear industry, and windsurfing in particular. The aim of using the latex was to try and minimise the discomfort and lack of feeling that windsurfers got wearing booties. ATAN are now relaunching themselves as a major force in the neoprene and rubber sports (stop thinking that) market, and next year will be 25 years old.

For more information contact Seasprite Sports on 01903 503664

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