Have you ever got on your board and wondered just why it does what it does?

In this months Special Feature on custom boards, Keith Taboul (on video) gives a detailed insight into the parameters he considers when designing and shaping windsurfing boards. With comments like "Single concave is for speed" then "Double for turning", "Vee for transitions" he takes us into what really defines how a board behaves. He also talks about rocker lines saying "faster rocker, is good for Europe, it gets you up and keeps you planing" and "Width is too give you more of an outline curve, the rounder outline means you can finish off the turn easier".

Once Keith Taboul takes us from blank to finished product, the board is then tested against some production boards with 2 pro\'s, a Boardseeker representative, and an experienced tester from a rival mag, just too see how Keith\'s predictions on shape measure up to real world sailing.

If you really want to find out more about the shaping process, board characteristics and the custom board process then have a good read, watch and listen by clicking HERE.

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