Club Vass inform us that they have now received all the boards for the season from Tabou, Starboard and Fanatic. But the have also got 2 of the new Starboard Gemini Tandems and a Starboard Serenity.

Club Vass reckon that the new Gemini Tandem will be hugely fun to use, we can go one better than that and tell you that it is even more fun to use than hugely fun, watch out for next issue when we test two tandems side by side! We will still be interested to see if Club Vass\'s freestyle supremo\'s Simon Hurrey and UK champ Andy Chambers will be able to do some duo freestyle above the double duck gybes of the testers!

Club Vass have put up a reward for the first two guest\'s who can gybe the thing. Vass have got a serenity as the light wind option for Vass. Serene is definately not a word we would use to describe a Vass holiday.

Early holidays can get some good savings, the Vass website has details of this offer

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