Competing at Dumps again, John Skye beat Oisin Van Gelderen to meet Andy King in the final of round 2. Skyeboy kept up his winning his winning ways as he took the action packed final. Van Gelderen beat Hibbard to take 3rd spot, John Hibbard in 4th! Louise Emery again set the pace in the amateurs with Simon Crowther in second spot once again

So far this puts John Skye in first overall, John Hibbard in second and Andy King in 3rd, with Louise Emery ahead in the amateurs.

As the wind dropped and swung a bit, the competitors moved up the beach from Dumps towards Shitties where they went out for a big action expression session, with £150 of Boardseeker Prize money up for grabs. This time it was Andy Kings turn to take the win with plenty of big moves all over the place, in the 4.5weather cross on conditions. A sweet £75 went Andy\'s way, £50 to John Skye in second and £25 to Chris Audsley in third place.

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