Point 7 are an Italian Brand of windsurfing sails offering another angle on the sail market. They have just made the move to sign up British no.1 Formula racer, Keith Atkinson. Have a look at there website for details of their range, U2 will definately be interested.

Here is what Keith had to say about his move from Ultrasport. " I would like to thank Ultrasport for their support over the years, I joined them at a time when no one was using NP for racing in the UK. I have helped take the brand to the point where the majority are now using their sails. However with increasing supply problems and rising prices for 2007 I felt it was time to move on and take up an offer made by Andrea Cucchi of \'Point-7\', also an ex Neilpryde rider, to join their \'Point-7\' team. I am more than confident that the products are 101% in both build quality and performance, otherwise I would not have changed brands. A great plus point is that In addition to the superb quality and performance, the price tag of a \'Point-7\' racing rig will show a saving of up to 50% for UK sailors compared to other top brands, bringing all racing equipment back into the pockets of the average windsurfer. "


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