May is here and we enter the official stages of waiting for wind for the Bournemouth to Brighton Windsurf challenge. Guy Cribb reckons there’s a low pressure circling in the North Atlantic right now and it looks like wind for Bank Holiday Monday or Tuesday.

The forecasts are changing daily at the moment since the centre of the double low is very north, and forecasters are unsure how it will track across the UK. Guy is looking for a southerly or south westerly wind. A westerly would be no good.

There’s heaps of people keen on doing the coastal blast with a few notable professionals lining up to do the complete challenge, including Nik Baker (dates permitting), Jamie Hawkins (former British and World Champ), Matt Wemms (now the boss at 604 distribution but former British Champion) and plenty of other serious windsurfers.

Over to Guy: "Can I actually windsurf this far in a day? I have no idea! It’ll be well over 100 miles, which takes at least 2-3 hours in a car. It’s definitely the stupidiest challenge I’ve ever created!"

For up to date information on that forecast go to: Guy Cribb Windsurf Challenge

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