The new issue has got so much diverse action in store, there is something for everyone from the granny (oh yes - check out problem page), to the young (see Connor Bainbridge\'s article).

Scott McKercher runs us through his latest Indo video (an exclusive for the magazine), while John Skye provides the commentry for the awesome UKWA Ireland video feature. If you want laughter then watch the end as Captain John Hibbard, err, takes on some flying lessons. Even funnier the equipment editor, whoever that is, takes a skewed view at the gentler and slightly longer options for the summer.

Spoilt with special features this month we do our first action video test, but where else to start other than some full power tandem sailing. Watch as the crew race, master the gybe and even some freestyle and chop hops. We tell you what they are like to sail and exactly why you should do your very best to get on one.

Simon Hurrey guides us through the latest and most complicated freestyle moves and we show you our own edited documentary of making a sail, from conception to on the water action.

There is the latest news, and event reports. Regular columnists Bryony Shaw, John Skye give you the low down from the two extremes of windsurfing. Keith Atkinson reflects on the recent Cornish racing event and provides some excellent racing tips.

It\'s almost too much, but don\'t forget Boardseeker babe and even more video footage than you can shake a very big stick at, one that almost looks like a tree...

Hopefully it will keep you entertained for weeks to come...

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