9 hours, force 4 - 8 winds, 100 miles and a million windsurfers. Well not quite that many, but hundreds according to passers by at Boscombe Pier. Guy Cribbs marathon downwind Bournemouth - Brighton master blaster got off to a good start at 10am on Bank holiday monday. The wind was a bit lighter most were on 6 - 7 metre sails and Super X style boards.

Matt Wemms, who is on his sick bed today and can hardly move, rounded the first landmark Hengistbury head in first place. Wemms on a 6.0 and Fanatic Hawk and Cribb also on a 6.0 managed to make it through the solent where others were on 4.2\'s. Legends such as Jamie Hawkins on 7.0\'s got taken apart at this stretch, and we here rumours that some decided it looked better at Hill Head and decided to call it even there.

The fleet arrived at Pagham later than expected and waited there for a bit longer because of the conditions. Matt Pearch and Nik Baker joined in the blast at this point. Cribby and Wemms were still flying on their 6.0\'s and at this point, Matt said he was ready to give up, but it was still only half way.

Another hell downwind session followed, the only saving grace was the more Westerly direction meant they could gybe, rather than broad reach the whole way! As they got to Brighton the wind dropped making it even more tiring to get into Brighton. It was a late finish and according to Matt\'s GPS they had been going for 9 hours in total, 6 and a half of them on the water! In the end there were only three to make the whole journey, Guy Cribb, Matt Wemms and John Skye

What a race(ish)and well done to all those taking part and to Cribby for managing to put the thing together! It\'s a great story when you hear non windsurfers talking about the hundreds of windsurfers they saw out on Monday.

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