The new Maui Sails race sails seem to be working a treat as they have rocketed Kevin Pritchard to the first PWA win of the racing season. With 6 races completed, Pritchards consistency with 3 firsts, and a discarded 8th place of the 6 elimination series saw him on top of the leader board with Micah Buzianis holding onto second spot. Albeau missed his chance of a second spot by going all for nothing in an overtaking move, and ended up with nothing. His absense from the last final showed big implications to his final result. Albeau\'s 3rd spot was just three points off Micah Buzianis in second place.

Karin Jaggi once again dominated the womens proceedings, Karin seems to be unbeatable on the racing circuit at the moment. She is the most experienced and succesful PWA competitor across all disciplines, so anyone wanting to beat this superwoman has a lot on their hands. Karin won every single race bar 1, Sarah Hebert was the nearest contender in second.

The Korean Racing world cup showed a real classic racing event, and an excellent start to the tour.

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