a £14 000 grant has been given to a new youth windsurfing group at Axbridge reservoir to aid it\'s development. The group called \'Over 2 You\' is born out of the windsurfers who got to old to be in the Team 15 club, Axbridge Animals. The idea of the group is to continue the Team 15 ethos and allow young windsurfers the opportunity to get together and practice their skills.

Obviously to actually go and practise these skills you need plenty of equipment. George Shillito, one of the founder memeber of the Animals, and member of Team Airbourne did something about this situation and applied for the \'Somerset Youth Opportunity\' funding through the DfES. It is one of the initiatives that every authority has to let young people have power over how money is spent in their local area.

The money will go towards equipment, safety cover and instructor training to make windsurfing more accessable for young people in the area.

George, who is also a member of Team AirBorn, said "As my ambition is for everyone to enjoy windsurfing, this funding looked like an awesome opportunity to take a step in that direction. It\'s great that the people who got into the sport through Team 15 can keep going and even become instructors".

Over 2 You is open for anyone aged between 16 and 19 windsurfing@bcyc.org.uk

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