Make your reservations please!

The first weekend in June is set aside for a windsurfing event with the emphasis on fun. Spon on Water host the innagural windsurf as fast as you can with your mates and crash into a massive inflatable sausage event. In the windsurfing equivilent of It\'s a Knockout, Mark Agg Jones will be running the 3rd Avon Beach Super X weekend.

This year there will also be a massive downwinder master blaster for anyone on any kit, combined with the Red Bull beach party, the amazing Avon beach and surrounding area this is windsurfing that you want to be part of..

If you are really lucky then you might see the infamous sandbar working with mini Baja style waves, 500 metres of mellow waveriding to count! (look out for 8ft swell and 12 second wave period as a minimum for the bar to work!)

Get involved and give Mark Aggy a call on 07775 611747 or email the man on

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