The windsurfer (as in the Hoyle/Drake) board first shocked the sailing fraternity 40 years ago. The board, originally called the Skate, was made out of various bits of wood, plastic, bits of sails and bits of rope. It was unstable and a far shout from what you see in the Naish Polakow video, or from just about any windsurfing beach in the world today. Despite the masses of law suits, name changes and other technicalities that would evolve after creating the best sport in the world ever, the craze of windsurfing took off big time!

Jim Drake continues to evolve windsurfing, participating in Starboard\'s massive programme of board design in every concievable direction, big, short, fat, thin, wide, fast, slow, but more recently is involved with the mercury project, another out of the box hybrid idea. For the full story go to Also check out the video of the first ever outing of the drake windsurfer on video.

If you want the full windsurfing story and evidence, of possible an even earlier existence of a windsurfer, then look at our special feature here

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