Boardseeker freestyle supremo Simon Hurrey reports live from The EPFT tour in Lefkas, Greece..

It\'s been really good freestyle conditions here in Greece. Milos is just the other end of the Island from Club Vass, so it is like our local event at the moment. Milos gets some good winds during the summer and can even have some semi decent waves, so the boys at Vass were pretty excited. We have both had a good run loving hte conditions, and Bubble and I are equal 3rd here at the Milos Beach European Tour stop.

Bubble was very unlucky not to make it to the final after a strong heat against Normen Gunzlein. I lost out to Andre (in his favourite underpowered conditions) in the other semi final after taking down the European tour’s 5th place Michal Summereder.

This left bubble and myself in the loser’s final and after Bubble made a strong start the wind died and the heat was cancelled leaving us equal 3rd.

Today the competition continues and with Jakub Kosmowski and Kevin Mevissen behind us, we better watch our backs!

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