You can tell the summer months are approaching as the Freestyle events stack up one by one, and we try to remember just how many more moves there are to do. It makes you think that the top freestylers must be the ones with the best memory too! There must be a good 50-60 moves to remember. This is a perfect excuse to us not so good at freestyle, just a bad memory. Now where was I..

Ah yes. So the Swedish Freestyle tour as organised by PWA regular Anna Jonnson was super succesful, with 400 windsurfers showing up (not all competing). Unknown to most, Niklas Stråhlén (S-4444) who is sponsored by Naish came out on top. Niklas was well powered on a 4.2 and pulled off some stunning moves including a switch chacho\'s and double punetas. Anna herself came in at second in the ladies.

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