WIndsurfing competition is a strange game. Take the end of last year, Kevin Pritchard was in form and the best all round windsurfer of 2006 winning Slalom and Wave titles. He was more consistant than your Mum\'s repeated reminders of Father\'s day. This year he crashes out early in Guincho and has yet to make it to a final at the Costa Brava PWA slalom. A strange blip in form, no doubt he will be back on top of the rankings by the end of the year.

Then there is Robbie Swift, out for a year with a broken foot, only 5\'9 in height and more renowned for Freestyle, Wave Sailing and Tow in at Jaws. He has just beaten PWA leader Micah Buzianis and ex World Champion Antoine Albeau to come 2nd in his heat and make his way to the final. Clearly finding his Slalom feet, could he possibly be a title contender?

The PWA Costa Brava Slalom event is, after 4 days, still struggling to finish a third elimination ladder. 4 need to be done to get a discard, when the stakes are so high wind is what you need, and not even that much of it. We keep waiting..

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter