There is a whole load going on at this event, from have a go sessions to the public, to the racing and the freewave challenge.

If that aint enuff fer yer (Brighton speak), then take up the F2 speed gun challenge. It\'s like the Pepsi challenge only with out the Pepsi, and hot chick, or even fizzy drink but instead a windsurf board, sail and err a speed gun. Anyway it\'s open to anyone to see how fast you can go.

Eurovans the biggest VW dealer in the South East were so impressed with the event last year that they are continuing to sponsor it for this year. They will have a range of vans for you to drool over so just take your credit card (or don\'t if you don\'t actually want to buy a van as that would just be daft).

Registration is on the promenade behind Hove Lagoon Watersports at 10am on Saturday the 23rd of June. Like last year you can park on the prom overlooking the beach and race course.

If you have never been to a windsurfing event before, then we reccomend this one, it has it all...

for more information on Eurovans check HERE

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