If you haven\'t heard of it check out the Space Monkey\'s II, video for the quality of the waves!! You know you\'re on a winner when you turn up and it\'s 8m weather, 30 degrees (in and out the water), and 6 metre swells! You can choose from mental drops and even barrels at Lakey Pipe, fine tuning your maxed out bottom turn at Lakey Peak, or 10 turns a wave down the line at Nunga\'s... If that\'s not enough then at the end of the day the local lads are waiting to catch your kite then give you a lift back upwind on their mopeds (for a small fee!).

Check out any of those names on a surfing website and you\'ll see the quality of the place! Didn\'t see a twintip anywhere, and don\'t think anyone did a jump (that i saw unless you count aerials!) It\'s a wave riding dream! Needless to say the surf is stunning every morning, and while i was there, the wind came up like clockwork at around 10.30. Definately heading back there next year, and anyone who likes kiteing in insane waves and doesn\'t mind risking a few reef cuts then go check it out!!

Photo Credit: Neal Gent