A newcomer won the first world cup speed event in Karpathos, his name is Jose Bahador. What\'s more he beat stiff competition from Antoine Albeau, Finian Maynard and Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

Jose is actually an oldcomer, newcomer. Many will have remembered him from the speed days of yore, where vikings battled it out. The 40 year old just signed a new deal with Point 7 sails and led the way at Karpathos. The 40 year old clearly showing that speed is not just for the established.

Jose had this to say:

"‘I received my sails just few days before the event. I just rigged it and was surprised to see on the GPS the readings…. so much speed! I felt good from the beginning! 6 days of racing was long, especially having on my heels champions like Bjorn, Finian and Antoine. Nevertheless I was relaxed as I felt confident on my gear speed. I managed to win also the actual day races. Just GREAT!- I am too excited to have won this event and also for POINT-7 that gave me a good support during the event" !


1. Jose Bahador 2. Finian Maynard 3. Antoine Albeau 4. Bjorn Dunkerbeck

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