Laure Treboux and Victor Fernandez Lopez on Pozo:

Laure Treboux: It feels really good, I couldn\'t believe it. I\'m happy about my results again, and especially happy to have won one of the eliminations! To beat Daida at her home spot in 3.4 conditions... Pretty stoked, but I am a bit gutted I couldn’t stay in first place. I don’t really remember what I did it was a bit of a blur, I think I did some spocks, clew first, really good puneta. I couldn’t match Daida in the in the double, she did some big jumps and I was on a 3.0 metre. It was the first time I have done freestyle in such strong winds and I didn’t land the usual stuff. Sarah Quita had the same thing, it was perfect Daida conditions and she sailed awesome.

Victor Fernandez Lopez: It feels great! 2 events in a row and winning twice in Pozo.Now I get 2nd in the overall ranking and still a few contest left. It would be a dream for me to win the wave title one day.

If you want to find out more about what these two had to say and see them in action then check out the amazing footage and interviews in the special features.

We would like to say that the PWA world tour now gives us all a rest, but it doesn\'t! Registration for the Fuerteventura leg of Slalom, Speed and Freestyle is on the 20th of July, which is, erm, tomorrow.

Dust settling? Lets hope not, stay tuned...

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter