A south swell and the usual sotovento trade winds have so far welcomed the slalom competitors at the Sotovento PWA slalom leg. Just like last year there are good waves on the course making for some interesting racing on the inside leg.

So far Bjorn Dunkerbeck leads, but is being chased all the way by Albeau and Buzianis. The ever improving Ross Williams and Taty Frans are not far behind, maybe we will see an upset to the established rankings. Josh Angulo is also a surprise entrant and just shows what pure talent and a competitive spirit can do. He waltzes into a Slalom event, borrows some kit and teases the top 10, ahead of many established slalom sailors.

A similar thing is going on in the womens ladders. Sarah Quita Offringa, the talented freestyler is confidently in 5th place racing in the womens fleet and Iballa Moreno (World Wave Champion) is in third. Karin Jaggi leads ahead of Valerie Ghibadho.

The slalom event goes on till the 25th, where the Freestyle event will then take over..

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