The Angels love of coffee has made them do a tour of service stations, beach café’s and many other establishments whilst traveling to events this year. It was evident we hadn’t had a coffee before leaving when we looked in the wing mirror and saw a trail of Flexifoil kites behind us-we had left the Bongo door open! (No kites were harmed whilst making the journey to this event) The first stop was an M&S Service Station, an Angel Approved stop, we filled up on M&S goodies and Costa Coffee-we were now ready to make the journey to Aberdeen for the second leg of the Turbulence Angels 2007 UK tour. We arrived to a real Scottish greeting with Glen (BKSA legendary marshal) escorting us straight to his local pub where we met up with Mark Ward from Extremeexposure, the men behind organizing this event to encourage more female kiters to their beach!

Saturday morning we filled up at a beach café, two coffees and a Scottish breakfast got us ready for the day ahead. Yet again we had a good turn out for the free lessons with a good 10 to 15knt wind. We taught 30 girls, starting them all off on a Punk Buzz, once the girls got the hang of flying the two line kite they then moved onto a 1.7 Sting enabling the girls to really feel the power generated by kite, they all loved it and had an amazing time, a number of them booking in to return the following day for another fly. With the wind building we finished the lessons and got set up to give a water demonstration, we had a great session with the locals and Ali Hendry, who had made the journey over form Edinburgh to help us out over the weekend. We experienced an evening of pure Scottish hospitality, a night which will not be forgotten in a hurry!

Sunday morning was dull and drizzly with a very light breeze. Fortunately we had our Big Buzzes and the 3.3 Sting which fly amazing well in these conditions. The ultra keen Aberdeen girls were stood under umbrellas on the beach eagerly awaiting their turn. Helen Brown had attended our last Angels event and come along with us to Aberdeen to share her story with girls interested in taking up the sport, it was good to have a girl so new to the sport there to share her enthusiasm with them in the rain. We managed to do a couple of hours teaching but it eventually ended up with the girls laughing at one another’s attempts at flying wet kites in very little wind, all good fun! So we got rained off the beach with the kites becoming too wet to get off the ground. We headed for shelter in the F|lexifoil tent where we spoke to the girls about kiting and kit, this gave us the perfect opportunity to show off our new Jimmy Lewis twin tips and kite wave board, the Aberdeen crew were in awe of the wave board but luckily for Johara there was not enough wind for them to take it on a test drive. The wind didn’t return so we packed a lot of wet kit into the Bongo, said our Thankyous and goodbyes to the Aberdeen crew who had really looked after us for the weekend by providing us with showers and accommodation not to mention the fantastic company. We last saw Mark and Glen surrounded by girls arranging follow up lessons so our mission was a success. We headed for the Wild Bean service station to fill up on coffee ready for our 8 hour journey home.

Photo Credit: Turbulence