Well in the ladies anyway. So far one single elimination and it was Daida Ruano Moreno that won through once again, with Sarah Quita Offringa in second and Laure Treboux once again in third place.

The Men\'s: Many were saying he was unbeatable this year, but Jose Gollito Estredo only managed to finish mid top ten, instead new Mistral protege Marcillo Browne (Brawzinho) powered through to first place, Thomas Traversa in second place, Tonky Frans placed into third.

Speaking of the Slalom sailing, Antoine Albeau once again crushed the fleet with complete disregard. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (as in GC) pulled back to third and Kevin Pritchard worked his magic in second. Karin Jaggi, as last year, won the Ladies, with Valerie Ghibaudo in second.. But new threats in the form of world wave champion Iballa Ruano Moreno came in at third and freestyle wonder girl Sarah Quita Offringa at 4th.

Tomorrow is the double elimination, so the Freestyle result will no doubt completely change.

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter