As the temperatures soar today and the freestyle kit cooks on the beach, the best freestylers in the world are on standby hoping that the wind switches round to continue the second single elimination.

Yesterday Marcilo Browne of Brazil compounded his single elimination win as Kiri Thode, not Gollito Estredo was the man to step up and challenge him. Tonky Frans put in the double elimination performance to put him ahead of his brother Taty Frans. Thomas Traversa came in at third place, Antony Ruenes in 5th, Ricardo Campello in 6th and Jose Gollito Estredo in 7th. If the poor forecast continues this result will put a serious dent in Gollitos quest for a second word title. It would also put the diminutive Kiri Thode in overall first place as the champions get younger and younger.

Daida Ruano Moreno still continues to dominate the ladies fleet. The strong conditions will always favour her. When she doesn\'t fall in, her overall impression is still hard to beat.

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter