Daida Ruano Moreno once again proves that she is the one to beat as she picks up her 5th Freestyle world title. The conditions at the Fuereteventura world cup detoriated to no wind and with crazy temperatures, preventing any further competetion from taking place. The event was the last on the womens freestyle tour. Daida once again proving that she is the ultimate competitor despite strong challenges from Laure Treboux and Sarah Quita Offringa, both of whom proved that they can win with more technical moves, but are yet to have such a devasting competition repertoire as Moreno.

The result from the mens fleet has really turned the form on its head (Marcillo Browne 1st, Kiri Thode 2nd and Thomas Traversa 4th). With only one competiton left, to be held at Sylt, it could go anyway. If last years conditions are anything to go by, then it could go no way, leaving Kiri Thode as world champions and the two previous \'unstoppable\' world champions Gollito Estredo and Ricardo Campello in 3rd and 4th respectably.

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter