No it\'s not a time machine taking you back to the mid 90\'s where Anders Bringdal was always pipped to the post by his arch rival Bjorn Dunkerbeck. It is in fact the 2007 ISA speedsailing championships in Fuerte.

Anders Bringdal now on Naish sails and racing his own brand of AB+ boards makes his international return to competition in the speed sailing discipline. Despite these ex rivals putting their pace on the Fuerte speed course after a slow windless start, it is in fact the world record holder Finian Maynard who is in first place after 3 races. Dunkerbeck still however has the best speed of 40.21 knots reaching in just 30 knots of wind.

The ladies fleet is a copy of the slalom with Karin Jaggi in first place and Valerie Ghibadho in second. Britain\'s leading speedsailing lady Zara Davis flys the flag in third place.

Today\'s racing has been on hold because at first the wind was not strong enough, when it did come in it was too broad for the wind strength at 135 degrees.

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