Antoine Albeau (Starboard/Neil Pryde) continues his winning streak taking the ISA Fuerte title ahead of F2 Designer Patrik Diethelm and F2 rider Finian Maynard. Karin Jaggi (F2, North) won the women\'s fleet.

Fuerte Results after 6 Rounds 1. Antoine Albeau 2. Patrik Diethelm 3. Finian Maynard 4. Bjorn Dunkerbeck 5. Jose Bahadour

1. Karin Jaggi 2. Valerie Ghibaudo 3. Zara Davis

The 2007 Tour\'s final event takes place from 2-11 September in Walvis Bay, Namibia. The best chances for the overall title win go to Antoine Albeau and Finian Maynard so expect to see a final showdown!

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Photo Credit: ISA