Yes, we all know Steve Allen won the Allegro Cup but did you know that Iwona won the most beautiful Polish buttocks competition (their words, not ours)!

The judges were: Mr. Piotr Jankowiak (Chairman of the Polish Windsurfing Association), Mr. Wojtek Brzozowski (Poland\'s most famous windsurfer), Mr. Piotr Zelt (a Polish actor) and Mr. Bartek Grzesiek (from Reef). The main prizes were Koniaków hand-made thongs and prize money. The winner got 3.000PLN, for second 2.000PLN and for third 1.000PLN. That\'s about £530 for first place.

The chairman of the jury, Mr. Piotr Jankowiak, said that they were sure about the winner and their choice met with the approval of the competitors.

Only in Poland!

Photo Credit: Allegro Cup