Well amongst that lot are the remnants of the latest Starboard and Severne gear, a marquee, countless masts, extensions, sails, various boards, harnesses, cringles and a whole lot of carbon and kevlar.

It is in fact the remnants of all the young sailors\' windsurfing gear at Moulay, including Boujamma Guillol’s.

For these promising windsurfers, whom have very little income, the unthinkable happened two nights ago. Somehow the marquee containing all their gear burnt down. The gear left by various importers or travelling windsurfers has been donated to develop the windsurfing community of Moulay. The gear was left there for any of the locals, who could not afford to buy it.

Two nights ago the whole thing caught in flames and with the small amount of running water in Moulay it was impossible to put the flames out, instead everyone just had to watch as the valuable gear just burnt down. No one knows if it was arson or an accident and the ironic thing is that the marquee is next to the Gendamarie station. The whole set up was only a couple of months old and is quite a loss for the community. Boujamma Guillol is already trying to contact the manufacturers to see if they can help build up the kit once again.

Photo Credit: Clyde Waite