Rumour has it that Kauli Seadi himself initially put the prize money up for the Ibiraquera, Brazilian world cup event. It certainly is an amazing location. One that could show almost any conditions, and being local to Seadi he should be a favourite. It could be the trump card that helps in on the way to a second wavesailing world title. To maintain his lead he will have to finish higher than Victor Fernandez Lopez. Fernandez has won the past two events, but is trailing Seadi in the title chase because of a poorer result in Cape Verde. Once discards come in, and providing Fernandez performs well in Ibiriaquera, he will find himself in top spot.

There is some footage of Kauli Seadi ripping the place apart on (although we must say, it does look a fraction sped up..what do you think?)

With two cold water events to go, Sylt and Tiree then the possibility of a finale of all finales in Maui, this could be the best wavesailing world cup ever witnessed.

Photo Credit: inema