EVENT: Freestyle Nationals Round 1 LOCATION: WhiteAir Festival, Isle of White, UK WHEN: Sept 2/3 Andy Chambers put in a good performance towards retaining his THIRD consecutive UK Freestyle Title, despite a strong performance from his boss Simon Hurrey. Both finalists spent some time off the plane in the final and it was really hard to put a decisive vote between the two. Hurrey landed a flaka, one-handed flaka, skipper 540, spock 540, eslider 540, switch chachoo, puneta and was matched by Bubble with a flaka, eslider, switch chachoo, one-handed spock, grubby, spock 540.....you get the picture.

Throughout the contest there was only really an hour of sailable wind, at about 2pm on the last day. The sudden rush of wind meant that the game of speed cock had to be immediately abandoned in the closing stages, despite their being more prize money for this extreme form of outside Badminton.

The second part of the Freestyle competition will be held at the Animal Windfest in two weeks time which is a very popular event with both competitors and windsurfers. To guarantee camping in the car park make sure you get there early...

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