Patrick Diethelm, the board designer and shaper for F2 windsurfing boards logged the fastest run of 43.02 knots at the Walvis Bay Speed week yesterday. Despite this amazing open sea speed, windsurfing legend Bjorn Dunkerbeck still won the day after taking into account the morning session. Unusually it was Bjorn Dunkerbeck winning in the lighter morning winds of 18 - 30 knots. As the afternoon emerged, the winds increased to above 30 knots and until Diethelm put his amazing run in, the battle for top speed was between Dunkerbeck and current ISA speed windsurfing leader, Antoine Albeau.

As it stands, Dunkerbeck leads the overall rankings in Namibia at present, with Patrick Diethelm in second, Maynard in 3rd, Albeau 4th and Smalley in 5th.

The ladies battle continues in very much the same way as it did in the PWA Slalom 42. Karin Jaggi and Valarie Ghibadho very much neck and neck. At present it is the French Lady, Ghibadho, in the lead. British Speed Champion, Zara Davis, is close behind on speed in 4th.

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