Cold, Sunny, Windy and Scottish. The legend event that is the Tiree wave classic draws ever nearer (can it be that time of the year again, already). This time it\'s with the PWA circus. Do they yet know what they have let themselves in for, the huge trek, to the remotest island. It is even a mission if you have your own van, let alone turning up to heathrow and hoping there might be some kind of magic flying carpet.

Whatever happens, it could well be the deciding event of this years PWA Wavesailing World Cup, probably one of the most diverse tours ever, and it is happening on our shores! The British event will hopefully see some of our non PWA better known windsurfers such as Andy King get a chance to show some of the pro\'s how to sail in sub zero temperatures. Last years Tiree Wave Classic winner, Jamie Hancock already has an automatic entry.

When the news rolls in, this site will be giving you the lowest of the low downs, as the Boardseeker HQ relocates for a wee while..

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