Ahhh......!!!!!! This is getting so frustrating. The waves were perfect this morning at Balevullin but the wind was just not enough. It was cross offshore so needed to be pretty windy to work anyway. The Maze had potential but at 10am this morning it was cross onshore with mushy, crumbly waves but more wind.

But the call was made for Balevullin and that is where the fleet are now. They are into the second round in sketchy conditions with long heats and one wave to count. UK sailors Andy King, Phil Horrocks, John Skye and Ross Williams are into the second round and about to start their next heats.

Going through to the last 16 already is Jason Polakow who has just beaten John Hibbard. They may run out of light today to get a winner as the heats remain at 14 minutes long. But getting to the last 16 will mean a result of some sorts and the prize money will be doled out to the 16 people who technically come JOINT 1st. But wouldn\'t it be nice to get a Kauli .v. Victor final!!!

More updates in the next few hours....

PHOTOS: Timo Mullen & Josh Angulo

Photo Credit: PWA/John Carter