It went down to a wire that was so thin, you could barely see it. After a non event at Sylt and a dusk finish at Tiree, the Brazilian Kauli Seadi has been crowned the world champion.

Kauli wins his second title in three years. This was the closest fought title race since Angulo won the title 5 years ago. The difference being the diversity of the conditions. His compatriot Victor Fernandez Lopez must feel so dispondent as he did not actually get a chance to fight Kauli Seadi properly on the water in a sail off for the title.

The Tiree conditions were just not enough as the light and wind faded on the last day of the 2007 world tour. Will Victor come this close again, well with an abundance of talent like that, then we sure hope so.

Well done Kauli Seadi!!

We will have a full report surely...

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter