Martin ten Hoeve takes on a massive storm in Holland, somehow the footage is from just over two years ago and the full video has only just made it onto screens. Was it worth the wait?

H999_2and aHALF meter sessions with Martin ten Hoeve from Thomas Bouwman on Vimeo.

This footage was shot during one of the big 2012 autumn storms in the Netherlands.

Because of health problems the video was delayed until now but we don't want to hold back this 9 beaufort footage, so here you go!

Luckily health is all good now so we can share our same passion again, windsurf!

Martin ten Hoeve being the longest windsurfer around with his 2.05 meters and 98 kilograms, the episodes are called 2and aHalf meter sessions.

Filmed during the 25th of november 2012 storm at Wijk aan Zee

Quiver: Goya Quad, Point-7 Sails

Music: Chase & Status - Let you go (feat. M. Ali)

Edit and cam: Thomas Bouwman

Read on for the full feature with Lampy about this stormy day...

[part title="10 Beaufort"]

Photos by: JePe van Popta

Wijk aan Zee is located middle/northern part of Holland, close to Amsterdam/ Haarlem. It’s good play ground with a wide range of wind directions. It works from South east to Side onshore from the left and also filters the waves/organises the wave really well. Is usually a easy wave with a bit punch in it and can get big up to 5m or so.

It is a quite a stable spot as the low pressures get filtered by Ireland and then turn up stable at northern Europe.

We scored a great storm there last week, which I knew was coming, but with that kind of storm hits it’s hard to tell when and how fast it will pass. It can change quit fast into a bad rotation and give a wrong angle of wind because it was a really small compressed pressure that went through the Channel. But I knew the direction would be good for Wijk; I always fall back to one main important weather site because this site is always one step a head..

I prepared my small sails the day before then headed over with the locals and friends off Wijk aan Zee: Bas Molenkamp, Elton Eypma, Torben Tijms, Marco van Leeuwen, Pim, Harry and Edwin.

I used my smallest sail what is a 3.6 Salt and a Goya quad 84L. I was still quite stacked on my 3.6; jumping wise I was able to get some backloops and straight jumps but not more than that as there was just too much wind..

But surprisingly enough I was still riding well!

Thomas Bouwman was also there to capture the day on film, we will have videos to come soon, but for now you can get an idea of the conditions with this short back loop clip.

Wijk is a great place because off the atmosphere; off a nice long jetty and in the background The Hoogovens/ Tata Steal factory and than nice Palfijooen Aloha for a fast chocolate milk or long hangout..

This together with all nice riders who pop up as soon the wind is there; it’s just perfect.