Heading South....an absolutely epic windsurfing trip through Patagonia with the likes of Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. This is a movie, not just a quick, rough edit, so sit back and relax during your lunch and journey with the guys. If you want to know more about the story behind the journey there is a full interview with the guys here on Continent7.

HEADING SOUTH - a windsurfing roadtrip through Patagonia from stefan csaky on Vimeo.

"When thinking about windsurfing in South America, the first places that come to your mind are the famous Brazilian hotspots like Jericoacoara or Icarazino. But there are so many other places to discover in this part of the continent. In this feature movie we join Austrian pro windsurfer Marco Lang and reigning IFCA Slalom windsurfing Worldchampion Costa Gonzalo Hoevel on an epic 9000km road trip through Gonzalos home country – Argentina!

On our three week trip, we found some unique windsurfing spots in the middle of the Argentinian desert, on lakes close to the Andes Mountains and in front of some of the biggest Southamerican glaciers.