Here's the Boardseeker round up of some cool clips we've spotted this week; short but sweet videos that you won't want to miss!

Scroll through the numbers below for all the clips and the story behind the pic below...

Ben Proffitt

[part title="Victor Fernandez"]

An awesome one handed taka from Fernandez... want to know how he does it? Watch below...

[part title="Oda Johanne"]

Oda Johanne shows off her shaka and one handed flaka...

Shaka and 1 h flaka Bonaire from Oda Johanne on Vimeo.

[part title="Adam Lewis"]

Lewis celebrates getting one year older by sharing this 30 second clip from his birthday session:

Birthday 30 Seconds from Adam Lewis on Vimeo.

[part title="Ben Proffitt"]

Proffitt had been growing a beard, stating he wouldn't shave it until he landed a clean double. This was his best effort, not quite sure it warrants a shave but as you can see from the previous pic we now have one cleaning shaven Proffitt.

[part title="Jason Polakow"]

It's not windsurfing, but here JP is testing a very, very cool new gadget.

[part title="Dieter van der Eyken"]

Dieter is over in Western Australia, practicing his Paskos...