Yet more incredible South Africa videos have come out, so the battle heats up as we add two more videos to the mix!

4. NEW: A podcast by Markus Rydberg, the up and coming Simmer rider

3. NEW: One day with 'Air Manics'

2. Join Adrien Bosson in 'Beautiful South Africa' as he takes you on a look around the surroundings, before diving head first into some full on freestyle.

1. Take a trip to Big Bay for some big CT style wave rides...

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[part title="Beautiful South Africa"]

Beautiful South Africa...

Beautiful South Africa / Adrien Bosson from Bastien Rama on Vimeo.

[part title="Big Bay action..."]

Big Bay action...

[part title="One Day..."]

OneDayIn from AIR MANICS on Vimeo.

"Since a few years a small group of friends around Fabi Weber travels down to South Africa to have fun on and off the water...

The weather was generally a bit different than the last few years. The evenings were usually quite fresh - so we have had to wear a sweater and sometimes a light jacket over it. Only the last two days we sat topless at night on the terrace. The South-Easter was only tow times really good that we could rig 4.2 and smaller. I think I was riding 80% on 4.6qm. The wind was mostly very offshore, even in spots which are normally sideshore. Whitsands extremely gusty. We were one time at the Cape .. But three times in Elandsbai ... Global warming? Maybe, maybe not! It was just different ... Since we all had our SUPs with us, we were not sad and got some good swells. I think we all got our money. Oh, and the extremely low price RAND has made the trip quite cheap!"

[part title="Markus Rydberg"]

Pod #2 Cape Town - Markus Rydberg from MacG Productions on Vimeo.

In this second episode of our pod series with Markus Rydberg, he went down to Cape Town, South Africa, to practice some port tack sailing for the up coming season.

Markus Rydberg: "I spent the first month of this year in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a really cool place with good windsurfing conditions and awesome nature and I hope to go back soon! "

Filmed by: Christopher Friis, Mads Bang, Markus Rydberg, Amanda Beenen and Matthew Pearce.

Edited by: Markus Rydberg.

Music: Mapei, Don't wait.

Stay tuned for the next episode that's currently in the making

/MacG Productions