We love great windsurfing videos here at Boardseeker, and there's been so many great ones coming out over the last couple of days we thought we would put all our of favourites together in one easy to read piece! From extreme weather, to epic freestyle, big waves to just all round awesomeness; these videos have it all.

So, here goes...

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[part title="1. Nick van Ingen December sessions"]

Nick van Ingen is a young freestyler from Holland, who is really proving he has all the latest moves. His smooth style is amazing to watch, even if you're not usually into freestyle we definitely recommend giving this one a watch! VOTE here.

Want to know more about Nick?

december sessions Nick van Ingen H-122 from Nick van ingen on Vimeo.

[part title="2. Hercules vs Sennen"]

The massive storm Hercules has hit Europe, in a big way. This video is from the tiny village of Sennen, of the western tip of Cornwall in the UK. The swell was stopped by nothing, until it heat this break. And the impact it had it truly unbelievable. VOTE here.

[part title="3. Loick Lesauvage"]

13 year old, Loick Lesauvage is up next, with his video 'What's Up'. Loick again proves he is one for the future as he puts together an impressive display of smooth wave riding, wave 360s, forward, back loops and more.

It's pretty impressive to watch someone so young with such a high skill set, we are sure the Loick and the other up and coming stars will push each other more and more in the coming years and soon be fighting for podium spots at the PWA, too! VOTE here.http://vimeo.com/83512359

WHAT'S UP? from Loick Lesauvage F780 on Vimeo.

[part title="4. Storms Hit Greece"]

More big storms at number four, this time from Greece. We've all got used to seeing crazy videos of storm force windsurfing over the past weeks and months, but let's not forget just how hard it really is!!!

Who's excited for the next Red Bull Storm Chase, too? VOTE here.

Windsurf - Storm Stories from BeachEye.gr on Vimeo.

[part title="5. People are awesome"]

And in at number 5 is a purely awesome windsurfing movie. A clip that was produced at the end of 2013, and showcases the best of the year. All the disciplines, all the top riders, this round up clip is a great way to reflect on the past year. VOTE here.

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