Klaas Voget takes first, with Kenneth Danielsen in second place at the Supreme Big Days competition in Germany.

Supremesurf Big Days 2013 from Supremesurf on Vimeo.

"The highlight clip!

This year there was a stormy revival of Supreme Big Days in New Mukran on RĂ¼gen. Each of the riders had the largest starting field of Big Days ( 48 riders ) a lot of double loops and radical wave riding in the luggage.

Riders from Poland , Denmark and the Netherlands in addition to German faction at the start and blew out in up to 3m high waves. The gusty northeast wind also drew the top riders such as Leon Jamaer , Klaas Voget, Lars Gobisch and Martin Ten Hoeve radical jumps and wave rides with Takas , Wave 360ern and huge backside aerials.

In the semifinals, Klaas Voget was pitted against local Oscar Hollmann and Kenneth Danielsen against PWA Hot Shot Leon Jamaer. Klaas Voget drove the heat against Big Days veteran Oscar Hollmann home safely. With a one-handed back loop and liquid Takas on the Baltic Sea waves he had no chance of Oscar. Much scarcer in much the semifinals of Leon Jamaer and Kenneth Danielsen. Both riders ulled some extremely tweaked push loops into the airspace of New Mukran and landed their backloops safely. Ultimately, the better wave selection of Danes chose the spectacular heat.

All information & topshots you will also find on supremesurfbigdays.de"