News in that Alastair McLeod has made it into the third edition of the Ocean Film Tour with a dramatic film about his attack on Pedra Branca. This kind of big wave spot is as gnarly as it gets and will make for great viewing on the big screen. In addition you'll also get to witness John John Florence and much more mind blowing stuff from our Oceanic home.

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"I am flying to Europe to attend the premiere of the film tour in Hamburg, Germany on the 12th of March. I will then be travelling through the UK to attend all the following showings: 13th March (London), 14th March (Bristol), 15th March (Manchester), 16th March (Glasgow) & 17th March (Edinburgh)" - Alastair McLeod.

Already in Europe this weekend, McLeod will be on hand to answer you questions about this insane wipeout and sign posters.

International OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 3 | First Glimpse MY OWN ...Selected for the International Ocean Film Tour Volume 3: Windsurfer Alastair McLeod takes on the monstrous waves at Pedra Branca and Eddystone - 26 kilometres off the Tasmanian coast the sea is rough, the waves are monsters and the adrenaline tide is high. For tour dates and tickets go to!

Posted by International Ocean Film Tour on Friday, 4 March 2016

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