Well the indoor windsurfing event in Paris was a huge success for those at the top of the game in France, or those lucky enough to receive an invite. However, it certainly left a sour taste in the mouths of many riders who found themselves high and dry despite multiple titles in the discipline. It wasn't just the riders, as the organiser paid very little attention to the wider windsurfing media and as a result facebook offered up a ramshackle of posts to supply those hungry for more with some sort of mediocre feast, which certainly required a fairly sizable amount of mouse minutes to uncover anything of any worth. We stayed well back on the fence with this one as our efforts to attend were met by a brick wall of enthusiasm. Nevertheless, here is one video that we simply could not ignore. The team at Horue continually impress us with their visual output and this is nothing short of a fine five course dinner well worth tucking in to.