Last night Philip Koester found himself attending the Laureus World Sports Awards in Rio de Janeiro. Having not taken home the title it is fair to say that just being nominated is a huge achievement for the young radical windsurfer. Dubbed as being the sporting world’s equivalent of the Oscars the line up was tough within the Action Sportsperson category. In the end it was Felix Baumgartner who took home the title after launching himself from 128,100 feet into a descent that broke the sound barrier to then land safely, under canopy, back on Earth's surface.

For those interested the official press release from Red Bull themselves can be found below this image of Philip Koester alongside Paracycling legend Michael Teuber, who also happens to be a windsurfer (more on Michael here). The person on the far right resides from the boxing scene but also dabbles in a bit of kitesurfing, well we suddenly just decided to love kitesurfing, we don't want to mess with him.



Millions watched live as Felix broke the sound barrier during his freefall from 128,100 feet last year. The successful Red Bull Stratos mission caught the world’s attention, including the 46 legendary sportsmen and sportswomen who sit on the judging panel of the Laureus World Sports Academy.

The prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards have the reputation as being the sporting world’s equivalent of the Oscars. At the ceremony, presented by Morgan Freeman and Eva Longoria, other winners included Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps.

Laureus World Sportsman of the Year: Usain Bolt

Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year: Jessica Ennis

Laureus World Team of the Year: European Ryder Cup Team

Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year: Andy Murray

Laureus World Comeback of the Year: Felix Sanchez

Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability: Daniel Dias

Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year: Felix Baumgartner

Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award: Sebastian Coe

Laureus Academy Exceptional Achievement Award: Michael Phelps