For the first time in his carrier Julien Quentel took an overall victory at a PWA slalom event. In a nail biting finale Julien almost lost his chances when he failed to qualify for the last final in the closing elimination. Having missed out it seemed a sure fire bet that Albeau would clinch victory, requiring a 4th place or better. However, fortunately for the Quentel, Albeau was held back in 5th place allowing the Quentel to take the PWA Alacati crown.


Amongst the ladies it was an entirely different story as Sarah-Quita Offringa returned to the slalom scene with a bang. Having jumped on Jordy Vonk's sails at the last minute she was racing with Point-7 the entire event. Clearly the sails were fast for her and she found form in almost every race, taking 7 bullets out of 9 possible races. A truly impressive performance considering as she only used slalom gear twice since last year.


We caught up with Sarah for a few words on her result, who else is hot right now and more importantly, what's going on with the sponsors?

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"Yes I am super duper happy with my results here. In slalom I usually make quite some mistakes but it seems like I kept it together during most of the races. I was quite confident on the water because of my speed but I still had to make sure to get the starts right, if not you get covered by everyone else, which meant I lost places, particularly in the final heat.


Delphine cousin and Lena Erdil are the toughest competitors at the moment. Also the turkish riders Fulya Unlu and ├žagla Kubat are really good here on their homewaters and it was fun to race with them.

I haven't really trained slalom since last year since Ala├žati. I think I got on a slalom set twice since then.. Once in Cape town and once during the St. Barths fun cup in January, ah and also the day before this comp as there wasn't any wind for the whole week before the event whilst I was here.

Honestly I think it's hard for any windsurfer when it comes to sponsorship from within the industry. I'm currently unsponsored because I decided to leave gaastra around the end of December. By then all the brands and their budgets are fixed so I couldn't find another one and really I hadn't made it public until about June. That's basically the reason I'm unsponsored now. I am working on something for next year though..."