Taty Frans continues to update us from Bonaire in the run up to the firs PWA freestyle event of the year. Almost all the pros have arrived and competition will get under way in just a couple of days.

If you missed pt.1 of this update on who's looking hot for competition then check it out here - boardseekermag.com/features/pwa-freestyle-will-win-taty-talks/

We've got more updates from the guys and news from the girls coming very soon.

Davy Scheffers has had a hand injury for the last three weeks when he crashed a burner. He broke a finger bone and just got out of the cast 5 days ago, he says he will get on the water when the green flag goes up.



Youp Schmit has been injured since February after landing a flat pushloop that made his tendon weeks around the knee joint, he has been on the water for 6-7 weeks now and made it to Maui for the photoshoot. From there he travelled to compete in Austria, then finally back to Bonaire to practice for a few days. He says right now that his knee is not feeling that great, but he said he will be competing. He'll be on the water and seeing him sailing a few weeks back he has the power and mind to pull off high moves.




Tonky Frans. He is on a role, after placing 2nd in Austria and having just arrived 5 days ago on the island, he fully dialled in to sailing bigger sails fast. I've seen him pulling of some big air moves and the style that only he has, he could easy be in the top 5.