We are here behind the scenes with a few updates. We've already passed through a few heats. Read on for updates live from the beach as we go mobile.

First we spoke to Balz Müller and Adam Gavriel who perhaps caused the biggest upsets by knocking out Youp Schmit and Phil Soltysiak respectively.

"Yeah my heat was a bit light but it was feeling good, I beat Phil, he's good and beat me twice already I think. That's not it though I'm just super happy. Now I'm against Balz, actually he's a good friend and I'm happy for both of us to make it to this point. And yeah it's Balz, he's a bit crazy so I will go a bit crazy too. I will take my 93 and my 4.8, it's gusty so I hope we get some good power in this one" - Adam Gavriel

"I'm stoked because my first my move was a Pasko and I didn't actually want to do a Pasko, so I'm quite stoked. And a backloop... Haha! There was no wind on the inside but I missed some moves coming in so I'm feeling lucky. Sailing against Adam, he's a bit unpredictable but if I look at the other heats then this one will be close between us, so I will push it. I want to do clew first air chachoo, I call it the chewbacca" - Balz Müller.


The girls are up soon and we spoke with Olya Raskina.

"I'm taking my 3.8 and 92l, the wind is much stronger than it looks. Full full power! I've been out training for a bit, it's choppy but I hope to pass."


Team De Brendt are on the beach preparing for Yoli's heat. She just came off the water from a little practice session.

"Yeah I was on my 4.5 and 83 Fanatic Skate. The new gear is working great but the conditions are tough. It's really gusty sometimes 4.5 is enough, sometimes too much and sometimes not enough.


Arrianne Aukes was in the Livestream for a while and we spoke with her just before she left. Unfortunately she tore two ligaments in her ankle the day before competition started and has to go home for surgery. She left us with her prediction on the ladies podium.

"Oh that's a really tough question because we are all such good friends. If I have to say then it would be something like this: 1st - Sarah Quita Offringa 2nd - Yoli de Brendt 3rd - This is the hardest, I think if it is light winds then Maaike could be taking her second podium spot, but if it is windy then either Olya or Oda."


After a long day to finish both single eliminations the winners have just been announced right here on the beach.

Men's results

1st - Kiri Thode 2nd - Steven van Broeckhoven 3rd - Gollito Estredo

Women's results

1st - Sarah Quita Offringa 2nd - Olya Raskina 3rd - Oda Johanne

"Fuerteventuraaaaaa, I'm so happy to win the single elimination here. The wind is strong and it's so great to see so many people out to watch. It wasn't an easy heat but I feel I sailed well, all the girls are ripping, it's not easy anymore" - Sarah Quita.

"I'm so happy to win again, it's just the single elimination so things can change but after taking the winter off and only sailing once or twice a week I feel so good to come back so strong. I'm ready for it and want to defend my title. - Kiri Thode


Check out a few shots from the prize giving over the next few pages.